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Alex DeGolia has worked as a White House natural resources staffer, crafted local solutions as a Board Member of the Thompson Divide Coalition, and charted national strategies for clean energy investment as Deputy Director of the Carbondale-based Catena Foundation. Alex holds a PhD in Environmental Management and is a youth wilderness instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Alex is running for the Western District seat.

Our Holy Cross Energy Cooperative

is so much more than where we get our power.

An Engine for Local Economic Development

Holy Cross Energy employs 167 locals in skilled trades, high tech STEM, and complex administrative jobs across our communities - and supports hundreds of other livelihoods through local contracts. Holy Cross can support local infrastructure investments vital to business growth including exploring high-speed independent broadband. 

A Platform for the Technologies of the Future

Energy technologies are changing faster than ever before. Solar energy costs now beat coal and much natural gas on price alone - and create jobs and grid resiliency here at home. The plummeting costs of lithium batteries, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency can save our consumers millions and create hundreds of new local jobs.

Local Energy Democracy

In times where so much can feel outside of our control, we have a direct democratic say over the energy that powers our lives. Alex is running to catalyze community conversations about our values and priorities in the coming years and bring member-owners into the decision-making process. 

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